Report recommendations


Berkshire Eagle 05/04/2014, Page B01

The state Subcommittee on Student Loan and Debt has issued a 30- page public report, which includes nine areas of recommendation to better address, monitor and lower student debt in


¦ Expand financial literacy for all Massachusetts students.

¦ Deepen investment in public higher education, but create more accountability.

¦ Increase and reform some state aid.

¦ Decrease the time it takes for a student to complete a college degree program.

¦ Regulate for-profit schools.

¦ Create incentives for students and families to save for college.

¦ Promote and develop loan forgiveness programs for various occupational fields, such as social work.

¦ Develop public-private partnerships and collaborations to promote educational advancement through employers.

¦ Support state partnerships with federal officials to address issues related to student loans, debt and financial aid. On the Web: